Photo: Reuters

Islamic State in Afghanistan is determined to attack the West, US intelligence reports warns

The Islamic State and its affiliates in Afghanistan are determined to carry out attacks against the United States, a recent report by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) says.

However, the DIA clarifies that it currently lacks specific intelligence regarding an ISIS plot to target the U.S. homeland from Afghanistan. Instead, the DIA suggests that these groups are more likely to exploit English-language media to inspire sympathizers to carry out attacks within the United States.

The report emphasizes that ISIS-K was focusing on targeting the Taliban, foreign entities, and religious minorities in recent months while its affiliates in Afghanistan were planning attacks against Western targets in Turkey, in response to a Danish politician’s Quran burning incident.

The report further highlights the intention of ISIS-K and its affiliates to carry out attacks aimed at Western interests in Europe. It suggests that these groups may attempt to utilize Turkey as a transit hub to facilitate the movement of operatives, recruits, funds, and weapons from Afghanistan.

The DIA’s report underscores the fact that ISIS-K heavily relies on the dissatisfaction of Afghan citizens with the Taliban’s inability to ensure their protection while continuing to attract new recruits and gather support from individuals in Central Asia and Europe.