Photo: AFP

Human rights defenders interfere in our internal affairs, says Taliban minister

 The Taliban’s Minister for Higher Education, Neda Mohammad Nadeem, has said that human rights defenders are interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Meeting the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul, Ubaid-ur-Rehman Nizamani, on Monday, the Taliban minister who banned women from higher education last December, said that “Afghans live in traditional thoughts and society” and that the Taliban will not allow anyone to “criticise Afghan thoughts and culture.”

Neda Mohammad Nadeem has previously warned anyone who seeks to undermine the group’s rule deserves to be killed.

Speaking at an event in March, the Taliban minister said: “Those of you who create problems for the people with the schemes of foreigners, God willing, we are ready to confront and suppress you.”

“Those who seek to destroy the system, whether by speech, pen, or action, are all rebels and obligated to be killed.”

Neda Mohammad Nadeem has defended banning women from higher education as to “prevent the mixing of genders”. He has also said that women’s work, exercise and entertainment bring “indignity“.