Imran Khan: Recognise the Taliban first, discuss human rights later

Speaking to Britain’s Channel 4 on Thursday, the former Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, said that the Taliban will not respect human rights, including lifting bans on women, unless its government is recognised by the international community

“If you isolate them, what influence are you going to have on them? If you mainstream and let them have a state, so then talk about human rights. Right now, you push them on isolation, their money is frozen so why would they listen to anyone?” he said.

Imran Khan suggested that the Taliban should be first be integrated into the international community and then discuss human rights and girls’ education. 

“My advice is to get them involved, give them a stake in international community so that when you tell them to have girls educated, they will listen to you, right now, they are not,” he said.   

Although no country in the world, including Pakistan, has recognised the Taliban, some Pakistani officials encouraged the international community to normalize engagement with the group.