Bamiyan civil society activists raise alarm at the rise in mysterious killings

A group of civil society activists in the central province of Bamiyan have expressed concern about the growing number of unexplained murders in the province since the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021.

In a statement on Friday, following the discovery on Thursday of the bodies of three young men in Saighan and Kahmard districts, the group said: 

“Bamiyan used to be the safest province in Afghanistan, a place known for its cultural activities, abundance of books, and thriving tourism industry. However, with the Taliban’s return to power, the situation has deteriorated, and among many problems, the number of mysterious killings of civilians has been increasing day by day.”

The statement also highlights the discovery of the dismembered body of a young woman on 14 February in the centre of Bamiyan, as well as the killings of two other people in September of last year.

The activists are accusing the Taliban of neglecting their responsibility to provide security for the people of Bamiyan and failing to conduct thorough investigations into the murders.