Taliban start revising curriculum of journalism
Photo: Ministry of Higher Education

Taliban minister: non-Muslims use media against us in their propaganda war

Speaking at an event in Kabul on Sunday to announce the Taliban’s plans to revise undergraduate curriculum for media and journalism, the Taliban education minister, Mullah Ned Mohammad, berated the media for “corrupting peoples’ minds through propaganda,” which his group was planning to change in Afghanistan.

Mullah Nadim, who in December banned women from universities, said that “the media is power, and along with other forces, are used by non-Muslims against Muslims for their own benefits. And through the media bring out intellectual and propaganda war.”

Mullah Nadim emphasised the need for changing Afghanistan’s school and university curriculums to ensure “intellectual training based on national and Islamic values.”

Since the group’s return to power, it has changed and or removed many subjects, including music and arts, from universities. Defending his decision to ban women from universities, Mullah Nadim, in a televised interview, said that the ban was necessary to “prevent mixing of genders,” and that women studying engineering and agriculture went against Afghan culture.