Taliban forcibly evict family in Baghlan

Taliban Forcibly Evict Family in Baghlan, Turn House into Military Base

The Taliban have forcibly evicted a family from their home in Khost district of the northern Baghlan province and turned their house into a military base, a source confirmed to Kabul Now.

According to the source, the house belongs to Hassibullah Osmani who had a membership of the National Resistance Front (NRF) in the past but had recently cut ties with the anti-Taliban front.

Osmani’s whereabouts remain unknown for now, the source added.

The Taliban forcibly evicted family members of Osmani, including women and children, from their home on Sunday, December 18, the source detailed, adding that later the Taliban turned Osmani’s house into a military base.

A video shared with Kabul Now also suggests that a family is forced out of a house.