Taliban District Governor Accused of Peculation

Taliban District Governor Accused of Peculation in Aid Distribution

Residents of Waras district in Bamyan have accused the Taliban’s governor of the district, Sayed Ghafoor Hashimi, of peculation in distributing in-cash and non-cash aid. They have filed complaints against him at the provincial governor’s office and with the Taliban Ministry of Interior.

The people filed a complaint at the office of Taliban’s governor for Bamyan, Abdullah Sarhadi, a week earlier but the governor has not paid attention to it, two residents of the district told Kabul Now on condition of anonymity on Tuesday, December 20.

In addition to peculating humanitarian aid, one of the residents claimed that the Taliban district governor also interferes in the employment process of civil servants for the district and attempts to appoint his own relatives.

This treatment of the Taliban district governor has triggered tribal differences in Waras district, the source said.

After the Taliban provincial governor remained silent regarding the people’s complaint filed with his office, the source said, they filed another complaint with the group’s Ministry of Interior in Kabul.

A copy of the complaint shared with Kabul Now suggests that it is signed by some community leaders and stamped by local Community Development Councils.

In the complaint, residents of Waras district have accused the Taliban governor of misusing his authority, peculating humanitarian aid, and distributing the aid selectively to his own relatives.

They have called on the Taliban Ministry of Interior to remove Sayed Ghafoor Hashimi as the district’s governor.

Kabul Now could not reach the Taliban’s district governor despite repeated calls.

Meanwhile, Abdul Saboor Faizan Saighani, a spokesman for the Taliban governor in Bamyan, said that a committee would be created to address the problems and demands of Waras residents.

This committee will launch a comprehensive probe into these claims, he added.