Taliban Evict locals in Parwan

Taliban Evict Locals, Turn Houses into Military Bases in Parwan

The Taliban have evicted a total of 25 families out of their homes and turned their houses into military bases in Dehyak village of Salang district in the northern Parwan province, local sources confirmed to Kabul Now.

According to the source, the Taliban evicted these locals from their houses after they rejected the group’s order to join their military ranks on Thursday, October 27.

The Taliban have already stationed a total of 150 armed men inside these houses whose owners have moved to the houses of their relatives in other parts of the district.

Dehyak village is located in the highland parts of Salang district. The evicted locals are all Tajiks whose main source of income is animal husbandry.

The ruling Taliban have been accused of forced displacement of indigenous people in different provinces, particularly in Panjshir and Daykundi provinces. In recent cases, the Taliban have turned residential houses into military bases.