Airstrike kills two women and three children in Kandahar

Four Taliban shadow district governors killed in northern Afghanistan

Defense and security forces have killed as many as 30 Taliban militants, including four shadow governors of the group, and wounded three others in the northern provinces of Samangan, Takhar, and Balkh, security sources confirmed.

The Taliban militants attacked security outposts in Feroz Nakhchir and Dara-e-Sufe Payin districts, said Abdul Munir Rahimi, spokesperson for Samangan police. The local official, however, claimed that government forces killed 19 Taliban militants, including the group’s shadow governors for the two districts.

He identified the Taliban’s shadow district governors as Qari Qader and Qari Zarif.

Mr. Rahimi added head of a Taliban’s unit equipped with laser guided weapons, known as Bache Pacha, was among the dead militants.

According to him, a vehicle, several motorcycles, light and heavy weapons of the militants were also destroyed as a result of the airstrikes and ground counter-attacks.

The defense and security forces killed five Taliban militants including Abu Yusif, shadow governor for Rustaq district of Takhar province, and wounded three others, according to Ahmad Zia Zia, deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior.

He added the Taliban attacks against Rustaq district have been repelled.

The 209 Shaheen Military Corps confirmed that six Taliban militants including Baryalai, shadow governor of the militants for Shulgara district of Balkh, were killed in two airstrikes launched by Afghan Air Force in Balkh province.

Mohammad Hanif Rezae, spokesperson for the Corps, identified the two other key Taliban members killed in the airstrikes as Juma Khan, known as Safiullah, and Qari Amin, also known as Qari Elyasi.

The Taliban, however, has not commented regarding the casualties they suffered so far.