Herat Police Chief says 260 Taliban killed in the province

260 Taliban killed, 200 wounded, and 24 detained in Herat

At least 260 Taliban militants were killed, 200 wounded and 24 others detained in operations conducted by the Afghan security forces over the last three months in Herat, a local security authority said on Sunday, May 02.

Speaking at a press conference held today, May 02, Ghulam Sanaei Stanakzai, the police chief in Herat, said over the last three months Afghan forces conducted 70 operations in Adraskan, Zawul, Kuh Zur, Kashk Kuhna, Uba, Pashtun Zarghun, Kashk Rubat Sangi, Gulran, Karokh, Zenda Jan, and Ghorian districts of Herat province.

This is while 450 people were detained on charges of murder, abduction, armed robbery, smuggling drugs, bribery, and document forgery. 70 cases of armed robbers were referred to the Herat prosecutor’s office.

According to Mr. Stanikzai, in three months, the security forces have confiscated 70 KG drugs, 5,350 KG Iodine worth 26 million afghanis, and 2,985 KG tramadol tablet worth 50 million afghanis.

Located in the western part of the country, Herat has become an insure province where the Taliban militants control swaths of territories.