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On Saturday, February 29, the United States of America signed a deal with the Taliban insurgents. Under the deal, the US have agreed to pull out its force from the country within 14 months. In return, the Taliban have promised not to let extremists to jeopardize America’s interests and the interests of Washington’s allies from Afghan soil. The Taliban have also agreed to sit with the Afghan government and political factions to discuss a post-negotiation setup.

The US-Taliban deal marks a new phase in the country’s history. It will leave direct impact on our lives, incomes, and day-to-day entertainments. Most notably, our hard-earned rights may be compromised if the Taliban fail to reconcile with the urban educated populations of the country.

Afghanistan has changed a lot in the last two decades. Understandably, the Taliban leaders and fighters may not realize it as they were busy fighting over the last 18 years.

We can break the ice.

Now that the Taliban have agreed to reconcile, they should realize that there are a lot of concerns in terms of their ideology and attitude towards women rights, civil rights and public spaces.

Please do share your thoughts with us if you are interested to speak out your feelings and concerns on US-Taliban deal. What lessons do you think can the Taliban and the Afghan government learn from the country’s battered imbroglio? Or what lessons can we learn from the Geneva Accord of 1988 which was signed before the Soviet withdrawal?

You may write your feelings about US invasion of Afghanistan, and the subsequent developments that shaped your life and career.

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