Karzai supports Abdullah’s stance on formation of HCNR
Hamid Karzai is speaking at press conference here in Kabul

Achievements made in past 18 years should not be compromised in peace talk, says Karzai

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, speaking at a press conference in Kabul, today, November 25, strongly stressed on preserving the gains and achievements gained in past 18 years.

Karzai, who is pro-peace talks with the Taliban insurgency, previously would stress on talks with the group. He highlighted that the achievements included values such as freedom of speech, freedom of holding social rallies and the right to vote. Mr. Karzai noted that Afghans made a great sacrifice to gain these achievements. Afghanistan is an Islamic democracy, he noted.     

“We do ask for peace but not at the price of compromising achievements made during past 18 years. An Islamic Republic based on two principles, Islamic laws and values and freedom of speech and holding social rallies, and the right to vote for democracy in Afghanistan, is main essential part of our achievements” he asserted.

The former president called on donor countries to raise their voice and defend the Afghan people’s rights in the peace process.

On the other hand, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah met with a US congressional delegation and senior US military officers in Kabul last night, November 24. “We discussed peace, election, regional cooperation & fighting terrorism,” Abdullah wrote on his twitter account.

In the meeting, Abdullah described peace as a priority for the Afghan people and expressed gratitude for American’s efforts for Afghan peace.

The US delegation head, Senator Joni Ernst expressed optimism about changes made in recent years in Afghanistan and praised sacrifices made by Afghans security forces and US forces in the fight against terrorism.

According to a press statement issued by the Afghan presidential palace, President Ghani met with US delegation. The two sides discussed Afghan peace, governance and economic programs.

US President Donald Trump talked with his Afghan counterpart on telephone and assured him that decision related with Afghan peace will be made in consultation with the Afghan government, Ghani told the delegation, the statement said.

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