Photo: Seyed Rasoul Mousavi via Twitter

Chinese and Iranian diplomats discuss Afghanistan in Beijing

Iran’s Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Seyed Rasoul Mousavi met with China’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Yue Xiaoyong in Beijing on Thursday to discuss the evolving situation in Afghanistan.

Taking to Twitter, Mousavi said the meeting focused on “the latest developments in Afghanistan.” He said both sides engaged in a joint analysis of the situation and deliberated on the necessary measures to be taken.

The meeting took place during Mousavi’s visit to Beijing to participate in a tripartite gathering among China, Iran, and Pakistan, focused on countering terrorism and strengthening border security.

Mousavi said his visit to China had provided an “opportunity” to meet China’s special envoy for Afghanistan and exchange views on the pressing matters at hand.

As the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, China and Iran have been among the most prominent actors engaging with the group. Notably, both countries have handed over Afghanistan’s embassies in Beijing and Tehran to the Taliban authorities.