Insurgents destroy public properties as they battle for territorial control

Ahmad Nader Naderi, the chairperson of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), said the Taliban insurgents have ruined government buildings and public properties worth $500 million.

Speaking at a news conference held in Kabul today, July 15, Naderi said the Taliban has destroyed 260 government buildings and looted all its belongings and equipment during their attacks on a number of districts in 29 provinces.

With the Taliban military advancement, at least 13 million people have directly been affected and they have been deprived of public services, according to reports.   

4,000 government employees have been displaced from 116 districts in 29 provinces that came under Taliban control.

In some cases, the Taliban punished, tortured, and killed a number of government employees.

At least 50,000 civil servants have been directly affected by the Taliban attacks in 29 provinces. Among whom female employees, who are more vulnerable, are facing double challenges and risks.

In some areas, the Taliban have restricted women, not allowing them to leave their houses without a relative.

The Taliban, however, has denied the destruction of public properties and the cessation of public services in the districts under their control.

Over the last two months, the Taliban have overrun more than 100 districts across the country.

The insurgents have taken control over Parchaman district of western Farah province. Local representatives, who talked to Kabul Now, confirmed fall of Parchaman to the Taliban insurgents.