Zaman Ahmadi

Afghan court reverses Zaman Ahmadi’s case

The Supreme Court of Afghanistan reversed Zaman Ahmadi’s case on Tuesday, March 03, says Ali Madad Hakimi, Ahmadi’s lawyer.

In 2012, a primary court sentenced Mr. Ahmadi to 20 years of imprisonment on charges of blasphemy.  

The Supreme Court of Afghanistan has sent Mr. Ahmadi’s case to a primary court for reassessment, Ahmadi’s lawyer says.

After assessing Zaman Ahmadi’s case—which was previously reversed by the Supreme Court of Afghanistan—a primary court has passed a new verdict, in which the period Zaman Ahmadi has spent in prison, has been considered as enough for his charges, said Amanullah Payman, spokesman for Afghanistan Supreme Court.

Ali Madad Hakimi confirmed to Kabul Now that the primary court passed a new judgment on Tuesday, March 03, in Kabul.

Zaman Ahmadi will be released if both, he and the prosecutor’s office, consent to judgment passed by the court, otherwise his case will be taken to an appeal court.

Zaman Ahmadi, 40, was sentenced for writing a controversial piece on history of Bamyan’s Buddha and Buddhism in pre-Islamic Afghanistan. His piece was never published. 

Zaman Ahmadi, a father of two young daughters, is behind bar for seven years. His family is expecting him to come back home and live a free life.