Panjshir’s Paryan residents accuse Taliban of denying their pasture rights

Residents of Panjshir’s Paryan district have accused the Taliban of denying their rights to summer highland pastures, saying there is not enough grass to feed their cattle.

“We have been denied access to allow our cattle to graze on the hillsides,” local sources in Paryan stated. “The grassland on the hillsides of Shallroz, Abguman, and other mountainous parts in Shahr-e Buland, Chamar, and Pasmazar are in the control of Kuchi nomads.”

“Taliban have barred us from using the higher pastures. There is not enough grass or plants to feed our herds.” The sources noted.

Another source indicated that last year Taliban forces drove many local residents of the district out of their native lands.

“Kuchis have occupied all hillsides and higher pastures and even bring their herds on people’s private farmlands.” The source added.

Similar events have taken place in the northern and central regions in recent years.

In May, a clash between native residents of Parwan province and nomadic Pashtun Kuchis erupted over grazing rights as the latter attempted to gain access to the summer pastures in the valley.

Locals accused the Taliban authorities of siding with the Kuchis in such events.

In January, the Taliban evicted farmers from their homes and lands in the northern Sar-e-Pul province and replaced them with newly arrived Pashtun families from other provinces. The group’s provincial governor warned the locals, “We will cut the hands off of anyone who attempted to reclaim their lands”.