Taliban arrest women rights activist in Kabul
Women's rights activist, Nargis Sadat, was arrested in Kabul on 11 February. Photo: Social Media

UN calls for the immediate release of activists from Taliban custody

The UN Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, has once again called for the immediate release of Nargis Sadat, Zakaria Usoli, and Ismail Mashaal, who have been detained by the Taliban in Kabul over the past two months.

“Following with concern the continued Arbitrary Detention of civil activists Narges Sadat, Zakaria Usoli, Ismail Meshaal and others by Taliban officials. I repeat my call for their immediate unconditional release,” Richard Bennett said in a tweet on Friday. 

| Taliban arrest a women rights activist, Nargis Sadat, in Kabul
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Writer and researcher Zakaria Usoli, university professor Ismail Mashal, and women’s rights activist Nargis Sadat were all arrested in Kabul during the past two months.

Richard Bennett demanded assurances regarding the safety and wellbeing of the detainees.

The Taliban has not responded to calls by human rights organizations and government officials to release activists in their captivity or provide information on their situations.