AFF claims killing and injuring 10 Taliban members in Kabul

The anti-Taliban armed group, Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF) has claimed that its forces killed 4 Taliban members and injured 6 others in an attack on a Taliban outpost in the 11th district of Kabul city on Wednesday.

The group said in a statement on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, that the attack took place at around 8:25 pm in the Panjshir Watt neighborhood of Kabul. The AFF said that it used light and heavy weapons, including rockets and RPGs, in the attack.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the attack.

The AFF has intensified its attacks against Taliban forces in recent weeks.

Two days ago, the AFF claimed that its forces killed and injured 8 Taliban members in Parwan province. Last week, the group claimed the killing of 5 Taliban members in an attack in the 3rd district of Kabul city.

The AFF and the National Resistance Front (NRF) are the two main groups engaged in armed clashes with the Taliban since the group’s return to power in August 2021.