Photo: Hasib Ahrari's Facebook

Taliban releases Hasib Ahrari after nearly two months of captivity

The Taliban has released Hasib Ahrari, a poet from Panjshir province, after nearly two months of detention.

Ahrari returned to his family in Kabul on Monday, according to sources close to the poet, adding that the Taliban released him after seeking a “guarantee”.

However, the sources stated that details about the “guarantee” is unknown and they have not been informed of the reasons behind Ahrari’s arrest.

The Taliban arrested Hasib Ahrari from the 315 area of Kabul on June 1, a source told KabulNow.

Ahrari, originally from the Anaba district of Panjshir, had sought refuge in Iran following the Taliban takeover. He had returned to the country and settled down with his family in Kabul before being detained by the Taliban.

The Taliban officials have not commented on this so far.

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), Taliban security forces in northern Panjshir have unlawfully detained and tortured residents often accused of association with an opposition armed group, the National Resistance Front (NRF).

HRW reports that the Taliban forces have committed summary executions and enforced disappearances of captured fighters and other detainees including civilians in the province, which are war crimes.