Herat launches $1.2 million project in saffron production and heave

Herat has recently launched a $1.2. million worth of project in saffron production and enhancement.

Nisar Ahmad Elyas, Taliban’s spokesperson in Herat, said that the project seeks to enhance the quality of saffron production in the city and boost a better global market for Saffron export companies, further uplifting local farmers’ income.

This agricultural project is funded by Denmark’s Hand in Hand organization for five years, he added.

Many business suppliers in Herat have welcomed the project, saying it could be an economic lifeline for them amid looming economic and humanitarian crises.

Jawid Hamdum, a saffron manufacturer in the city, told KabulNow that if this project is implemented effectively, the prices of Afghanistan’s saffron will dramatically rise in the global market.

Herat’s saffron is priced up to 85,000 Afghani (about $1,000) per kg.

However, it is fraught with challenges as the country, according to the UN, is grappling with extreme weather and severe droughts, threatening agriculture and jeopardizing livelihoods across the country.

Although Herat’s saffron is famous for its great quality and has high demand, neighboring Iran dominates the market, producing about 90% of the world’s saffron.