Photo: Social Media

Taliban detains former head of Panjshir provincial council in Kabul

Local sources in northeastern Panjshir province reported that Abdul Karim Abbasi, the former head of Panjshir provincial council has been arrested by Taliban intelligence from Kabul a few days ago.

According to the sources, Abbasi had been leading a normal life in Kabul after the Taliban takeover of the country and had no connections with any anti-Taliban groups.

The sources did not provide any explanation for the arrest of the former head of the Panjshir Provincial Council. The Taliban have not yet commented on this incident.

During the past 18 months of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, dozens of military and civilian officials of the previous government have been arrested and imprisoned by the group on various grounds.

Another source in Panjshir told KabulNow that most employees and soldiers of the former government have fled the province due to fear of the Taliban.