Medical doctor mysteriously killed in Badakhshan

Head of Argo district’s hospital shot dead in Badakhshan

Sources in the north-eastern Badakhshan province confirmed to KabulNow that head of Argo district’s hospital, Ahmad Tamim, has been shot dead inside the hospital by an unknown man on Sunday night while he was staying at the hospital to serve the emergency patients.

The doctor was shot dead on Sunday night around 10:30 PM local time inside the hospital, in Argo district’s centre, a source said. The assailant, pretending to have brought a patient in state of emergency, has asked the doctor to get out, according to the source.

When the doctor got out of the room he was staying in, the assailant shot the doctor on his forehead, the source detailed.

Ahmad Tamim was a resident of the northern Balkh province who was appointed as head of Argo district’s hospital in recent months. He was living along with his wife and a child inside the hospital’s compound, the source said.

The Taliban’s department of public health in Badakhshan confirmed the incident, adding that the medical doctor was killed while he was on duty by an unknown man.

Afghanistan has seen increasing cases of mysterious and targeted killings over the past few months. Nearly two months earlier, armed men gunned down another medical doctor who served at the Dara Suf-e-Bal district’s hospital of the northern Samangan province.