Residents of Kandahar React to Ban on University Education for Girls

Sources from the southern Kandahar province report to Kabul Now that a number of residents of this province believe that the decision to ban girls from going to school and university is not in anyone’s favour.

Asma, a resident of Kandahar, talked to Kabul Now on Wednesday, December 21 stating that the Taliban should reconsider their recent decision and reopen all schools, universities and educational centers for girls.

Ms. Asma, who is a student at a private university in Kandahar, says, “Women’s rights are violated. Once they [referring to Taliban] banned girls from going to school. Now, they banned girls from attending universities. The next day, women will be part of the most illiterate people in society. Look where the world has reached and see what we are going through, and all I say is why…?”

Sharifa, another student in Kandahar, also said that all her dreams have been ruined and the Taliban must give her a satisfactory response.

“My father lost his life to war,” she told Kabul Now while having tears in her eyes. The women are now the caretakers of the family. I studied under challenging circumstances. I can’t study anymore. We don’t have any expectations anymore. They [referring to Taliban] destroyed everything and put an end to our last hopes and dreams.”

The father of another student in Kandahar, who chose to stay anonymous, told Kabul Now that he would complete his daughters’ dreams of acquiring religious and modern knowledge until the last moments of his life.

He said, “We will migrate to Pakistan in case the universities are not opened to girls” I have to fulfil my children’s wishes. Previously, two of my daughters were banned from going to school. This time, my eldest daughter is banned from attending university. “Religion has told us to teach our sons and daughters religious and contemporary sciences.”, adds this father.

This Kandahari father urges the Taliban to reopen schools and universities for girls so that girls can study in a peaceful environment.

In an official letter sent to state and private universities, the Taliban Ministry of Higher Education has indefinitely banned higher education for female students. Higher education is “suspended” for female students until further notice, the letter reads.

This decision by the Taliban has drawn reactions inside and outside the country. The Us, Germany, The UK, the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Human Rights Watch and many more have condemned this decision.