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Explosion in Southern Kandahar Province Kills Three, Injures 12

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Local Taliban authorities in southern Afghanistan have reported an explosion in the first district of Kandahar. According to the regime’s authorities, at least three individuals were killed and 12 others were injured.

In a video clip shared on social media, Asadullah Jamshed, the Taliban spokesman for the Kandahar police said that the explosion occurred in front of New Kabul Bank, a local commercial bank, around 8:30 am on Thursday, March 21.

He added that the explosion took place during rush hour as customers were lining up in front of the bank to withdraw money, suggesting that most of the victims were civilians. However, according to a local source, many customers waiting in front of the bank were Taliban members who wanted to receive their salary.

According to the Taliban authority, the victims were transported to a local hospital, with most of the injured reportedly in good condition.

As of now, no group or individuals have claimed responsibility for the incident.

While condemning the attack, the Taliban Ministry of Interior attributed it to “Khawarij,” the term they use for the regional affiliates of the Islamic State, IS-KP. The Taliban ministry emphasized its commitment to identifying and apprehending the perpetrators of the incident.

This incident marks the second occurrence in the new solar year so far. Last night, the armed anti-Taliban group, the National Resistance Front (NRF), claimed that its fighters had killed two Taliban members and injured two others in the capital Kabul.

In a post on social media, the NRF stated that its “brave forces” launched an attack on a Taliban security post in the Dispatchery area, which is part of the ninth security district of Kabul city, around 7pm.

The recent security incidents occur at a time when the regime claims to maintain security in Afghanistan and it has rejected reports from multiple organizations, including the UN, regarding the increase in security incidents in the country.

The regime also claims that there are no active terrorist groups in Afghanistan and asserts that they have dismantled terrorist organizations, including ISIS and its affiliates like IS-KP.

In a report last month, the member states of the UN Security Council highlighted that terrorist groups in Afghanistan enjoy greater freedom than ever before in recent history. The report also claimed that there are no recent indications that the Kabul regime has taken measures to restrict the activities of these terrorist groups within the country.

The international community and regional countries are concerned that Afghanistan could once again become a breeding ground for international terrorism due to the Taliban’s extensive connections with regional and global terrorist networks.