Mujahdi says Pakistan Embassy attacker is foreign national
Photo: Social Media

Mujahid: Pakistan Embassy Attacker is Foreign National, ISKP Member

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, has said that the group’s forces have arrested the person who shelled Pakistan Embassy in Kabul last Friday. He added that the attacker is a foreign national member of the Islamic State – Khurasan Province (ISKP).

In a Twitter thread posted on Monday, December 05, Mujahid added that the ISKP member had perpetrated the attack in cooperation with “rebel.” He added that such attacks are aimed at creating distrust between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The ruling Taliban describes armed opposition forces, including the National Resistance Front (NRF) led by Ahmad Masoud, as “rebels”.

Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul was attacked last Friday, December 02. Though the country’s head of mission, Ubaid ul-Rahman Nizamani, survived the attack, his guard was injured.

In a statement issued on Saturday, December 03, the ISKP said it had “attacked the apostate Pakistani ambassador and his guards.”

In reaction to the ISKP claim of responsibility, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Mohammad Sadiq Khan, has said it is another reminder of the terrorism threat in Afghanistan and the region.

He added that Pakistan would verify the veracity of ISKP claims independently and in consultation with the Taliban authorities.

“We must act resolutely with all our collective might to defeat this menace,” he noted in a tweet on Sunday, December 04.

Regional countries and Afghanistan neighbors have often expressed concern over the increased presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

The Taliban regime, however, denies the presence of these groups and the threats they pose from Afghanistan soil.