Over 10 Locals Missing After Taliban Fighters Stormed Behsud

More than ten residents of Takatoo and Aablis villages are missing after the Taliban fighters stormed the two villages Hess-e-Duo Behsud district of the central Maidan Wardak province. The Taliban have killed one civilian and tortured several others in these villages, a source told Kabul Now.

The Taliban stormed these villages last week. The group’s fighters forcibly displaced more than 20 families and burnt at least three houses, sources confirm to Kabul Now. Accusing them of hiding weapons and munitions, they also forced the locals to dig the floor of their houses.

The Taliban forces have tortured some civilians and shot some locals in the hands, a source said on Monday, October 24. As the source detailed, the group’s fighters have tortured the locals on charges of having connections with Abdul Ghani Alipoor – a former militia commander in the district.

According to the source, the Taliban fighters have left Takatoo and Ablis villages but have warned the displaced locals not to return.

Months before the Taliban returned to power, Alipoor commanded a militia in the Hess-e-Duo Behsud district of Maidan Wardak against the Taliban and armed Kochis – the nomad Pashtuns.

After an army helicopter crashed in the district, Ashraf Ghani’s government forces marched to this district and suppressed Alipoor and his militia forces.

There are no details about Alipoor’s whereabouts as yet, and his militia has not shown any active presence so far.