Explosion in Badghis

Explosion Kills Three Girls in Badghis

An explosion in Muqur district of the northwestern Badghis province left three girls dead. An explosive remnant went off when the girls were busy collecting scraps of iron, a source confirmed to Kabul Now. The incident took place on Friday, October 21.

The Taliban police in Badghis province has confirmed the incident via a newsletter. The incident took place in “Nawabad” area of Muqur district, according to the newsletter.

According to the statement, these young girls were collecting old scraps of iron “near a checkpoint of the security forces of the previous government”. It stated that these girls threw stones toward the iron pieces which resulted in explosion.

Local sources and the Taliban police in Badghis province have not said anything about the identity and age of these girls.

Civilians, particularly the children, are the main victims of the war in Afghanistan.