Government forces recapture two districts but lose four more
Kalldar district fell to the Taliban in Balkh province

Government forces recapture two districts but lose four more

The government and local mobilized forces recaptured two districts in Parwan and Baghlan province but lost control over four other districts in provinces of Balkh, Samangan, Ghazni, and Kandahar, local officials confirmed to Kabul Now.

The Taliban militants took control of Kaldar district in the northern Balkh province earlier this morning, June 30. Mohammad Afzal Hadid, Chief of Balkh Provincial Council, confirmed the district’s collapse and added the security forces have retreated from the district’s center to Hairatan port.

This comes a day after the Ministry of Defense (MoD) claimed that Afghan and local mobilized forces cleared the district from the Taliban militants. On June 29, the MoD spokesperson, Fawad Aman, claimed the Taliban suffered heavy casualties in the district.

In addition to Kaldar, the Taliban have captured Chamtal, Kushanda, Dawlat Abad, Charbolak, and Zari districts of Balkh province over past few days. The province’s Balkh district had also collapsed into the hands of the militants but the government retook it on June 21.

In the northern Samangan province, the militants have overrun Feroznakhchir district. Munir Rahimi, spokesperson for Samangan police, confirmed the defense and security forces retreated from the district’s center to avoid civilians’ casualties last night, June 29.

The Taliban have also took control of Gillan district in the southern Ghazni province. Abdul Jami Jami, a member of Ghazni Provincial Council, confirmed the district’s collapse.

This is the 8th district the Taliban have overrun since June 04 in the province. The Taliban have now a full control over 12 districts of Ghazni’s 19 districts.

Sayed Jan Khakrizwal, head of Kandahar Provincial Council, confirmed the Taliban have gained control of the province’s Khakriz district as well. Maiwand, Maroof, and Ghorak districts of the southern province fell to the Taliban over past few days.

The Pentagon now estimates the Taliban control 81 of the country’s 419 district centers.

On the other hand, the Afghan forces and local mobilized militias have retaken Shinwar district of Parwan and Khost district of Baghlan in north of the country.

Moreover, Abdul Hadi Nazari, spokesperson for the 217 Military Corps, confirmed the government forces have regained control over a port in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province.

He added that 13 Taliban militants were killed and six others were wounded in the military operation.