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Arghistan police headquarter comes under Taliban attack in Kandahar

The police headquarter of Arghistan district has come under Taliban attack after it was hit by a car bomb in the southern Kandahar province, local officials confirmed.

The attack started around 11:00 AM today, Saturday, March 27, and clashes are still underway between the assailants and Afghan security forces, said Jamal Naser Barakzai, spokesperson for Kandahar Police Chief. He, however, did not provide more details on it.

Talking to Kabul Now, Ghorzang Afridi, head of security at Kandahar Police Department, said that the Taliban militants attacked the police headquarter after hitting it with two car bombs, adding that one of the cars was a military tank.

The local security official also confirmed that the two sides are still exchanging fire in the area, assuring that a reinforcement force has been deployed to the attack scene.

He confirmed that the government forces suffered casualties in the attack but did not provide an exact figure.

The Taliban, however, have not commented regarding the attack so far.

Kandahar is an insecure province where the Taliban control swaths of territories and launch attacks against Afghan defense and security forces. The province has witnessed an unprecedented hike in clashes between the two warring sides in recent months.