Poverty-stricken man commits suicide in Kabul

Overwhelmed by abject poverty and financial pressure, a man has committed suicide, hanging himself in the basement of his house in PD5 of Kabul city, a local councilor, Zmarai, confirmed to Kabul Now.

He said that the man, named Wahidullah, was an employee of Afghanistan National Statistic and Information Authority and he committed suicide after returned empty-handed from a bank where he had gone to receive his salary. According to Zmarai, Wahidullah had not received his salaries for four months and recently failed to pay back his debts while made many attempt to get more debts but in vein.

Zmarai added that Wahidullah has left five children behind, two son and three daughters. “His eldest daughter is 12 years old and his youngest son is two and a half years old,” he said.

Ziauddin, another councilor, also confirmed that the man has committed suicide due to extreme poverty and financial anxiety.

Kabul police confirms that they have transferred a dead body from the area to forensic medicine center but refrained to confirm whether he had committed suicide or was murdered. “Whether he has committed suicide or not will be cleared after a postmortem,” said Ferdaws Faramarz, spokesperson for Kabul police chief.

Kabul Now made repeated calls to confirm if the man was working with the national statistic and information authority but the authorities refused to respond.