Photo: IRNA

Taliban has an international obligation to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan, says Iranian official

Iran’s Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, Seyed Rasoul Mousavi, has said that the Taliban has an international responsibility to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

Mousavi’s remarks were in response to a speech by Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, who had criticized countries that were pressuring the Taliban to form an inclusive government.

Addressing the Taliban’s Ulema gathering in Kabul on Wednesday, Muttaqi said that the Taliban has fewer prisoners than executions carried out in those countries, and asked, “Do you have an inclusive government?”

Although Muttaqi did not name any country in his speech, Iran is one of the countries that has repeatedly called on the Taliban to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

Sharing the video of Muttaqi’s speech on X, the Iranian official stated that the Taliban cannot escape from their international obligation by making the issue bilateral and personal. He said that peace, stability, security, and sustainable development depend on the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

“The formation of an inclusive governance was sought in the UN Security Council’s Resolutions 2513 and 2593 and the consensus of the meetings of foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries in Pakistan, Iran, China, and Uzbekistan,” Mousavi added.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian had earlier emphasized its call for the formation of an “inclusive” government with the participation of all ethnic groups in the country as the “solution” to Afghanistan’s crises.

Afghanistan remains isolated from most parts of the world and the Taliban regime has not been recognized by any country so far owning to several reasons, mainly involving the issue of inclusive government and respect for human rights, particularly the rights of women and girls.