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Traffic accident kills and injures 12 individuals in Samangan province

A traffic accident in the central Samangan province of Afghanistan killed four people and injured eight others on Thursday, health officials reported.

Sayed Osman Hamidi, the head of Samangan Provincial Hospital has said that the accident took place on the Samangan-Baghlan highway in the provincial capital of Aybak.

He added that a Passo-type car veered off the road and overturned, killing four people, including two women and a child. Eight others were injured.

The dead and injured were all members of the same family. The injured were taken to the Abu Ali Sina Balkhi Hospital in Balkh province for treatment.

Eyewitnesses attributed the cause of the accident to high speed and driver carelessness.

There has been a surge in traffic accidents in Afghanistan in recent years. Poor road conditions, driver carelessness, and non-compliance with traffic regulations contribute to the increasing number of accidents.