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Taliban shot at wedding convoy for playing music, killing one

At least one person was killed when Taliban gunmen opened fire on a wedding convoy in eastern Laghman province because music was being played.

The shooting was carried out on Sunday when the vehicles began playing music to celebrate the wedding ceremony in the Qarghaie district.

The victim was a guest, identified as Sameullah, a young university student.

Taliban authorities in the province have not commented.

Since overtaking power two years ago, the Taliban has banned playing music at weddings and other public events, deeming it as “un-Islamic.”

Fearful of the group’s retribution and a repressive environment, hundreds of artists and musicians fled Afghanistan and sought asylum in Western countries, but many still remain in limbo in Pakistan and Iran.

Taliban has on several occasions publicly burned musical instruments as well as amplifiers and speakers, saying they promote “moral corruption” and “cause the youth to go astray.”