Funding shortfall jeopardizes education of thousands children in Afghanistan, OCHA warns

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has warned that a funding shortfall will have a devastating impact on the education sector in Afghanistan.

OCHA estimates that a funding shortfall will cause the discontinuation of approximately 2,800 community-based classes by August and 3,300 by October 2023. This will affect 166,220 children, of whom 52% are girls.

International humanitarian organizations have repeatedly expressed concern about the severe lack of funding for humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

Earlier, OCHA reported that the critical funding gaps would threaten urgent humanitarian assistance across the country, particularly in remote regions. Women and children remain particularly vulnerable amid the Taliban’s mounting restrictions.

In March, the UN Food Programme was forced to cut rations from 75% to 50% for communities facing acute hunger, and in May, 8 million people were in need of food assistance. Currently, the agency is providing urgent food assistance to just 5 million people across the country.