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Traffic accidents kill and injure four people in Faryab province

Two separate traffic accidents killed two people and injured two others in the northern Faryab province on Friday, officials said.

According to the Taliban’s police command in Faryab, a young man lost his life and two others sustained injuries when a Corolla-type car collided on the Aqina road in Khan Chahar Bagh district. The injured were taken to Andkhoy district hospital for treatment.

In another accident, a 20-year-old man died when his motorcycle crashed into a vehicle in the Gurziwan district.

Taliban officials have attributed the accidents to excessive speed and reckless driving.

The recent traffic incidents highlight the ongoing challenges related to road safety in Afghanistan, including poor road conditions, driver negligence, and non-compliance with driving regulations which contribute to occurrences of traffic accidents.

The Taliban authorities have pledged to take steps to improve road safety, but it remains unclear if these measures will be effective.