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Traffic accidents claim three lives in northern Afghanistan

Two separate traffic accidents on the Balkh-Samangan and Balkh-Jowzjan highways have claimed the lives of at least three individuals, including a father and his daughter.

Eyewitnesses in the Faizabad district of northern Jowzjan province have confirmed that an eight-year-old girl and her father lost their lives in a traffic accident on Saturday. The incident occurred when the girl and her father were riding a motorcycle towards the city of Sheberghan and collided with a Corolla-type car.

Taliban officials in Jowzjan have not yet commented on the incident.

In another incident in the Khulm district of Samangan province on Friday, a traffic accident claimed the life of one person and left four others injured.

The Taliban security command in Samangan released a statement confirming that the accident took place when a Corolla-type car veered off the road and fell into a river along the Balkh-Samangan highway. The injured individuals had been taken to the district hospital for medical treatment, as mentioned in the statement.

These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges related to road safety in Afghanistan, including poor road infrastructure and drivers’ negligence and non-compliance with driving regulations which contribute to occurrences of traffic accidents accross Afghanistan.