Taliban detains founder of local radio station in Faryab province

The Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) has reported that the Taliban has detained Aminullah Alemi, the founder and owner of radio Mumtaz in northern Faryab province.

In a statement on Wednesday, AFJC quoted a local source confirming that Aminullah Alemi was arrested in the provincial capital of Maimana on Saturday. The source clarified that Alemi’s arrest was not related to his role as the owner of the radio station.

AFJC has expressed concern over the arrest and urged the local Taliban officials to ensure that the radio station’s work continues unaffected.

Aminullah Alemi’s arrest adds to the growing list of incidents that raise apprehensions about media freedom in Afghanistan.

Local Taliban officials and his family have not commented yet.

According to AFJC, Mumtaz Radio, founded by Aminullah Alemi in Faryab province about ten years ago, has been an important source of news and information for the local population. Initially, the media outlet focused on entertainment and music programs. However, over the last two years, it has shifted its content to include religious songs and programs from the Salam Watandar radio network.

The arrest of journalists and media personnel by the Taliban has raised concerns since the group took control of Afghanistan in August 2021. Media organizations and rights groups worry about press freedom and the safety of journalists and media workers in the country.