Body of teenage girl strangled to death found in Jowzjan province

The body of a teenage girl strangled to death has been found in Sheberghan city, the capital of the northern Jowzjan province, according to local Taliban officials.

Abdul Sattar Halimi, Taliban’s security spokesperson in Jowzjan, said that girl, identified as 13-year-old Marjana, was missing two days ago and her dead body was discovered in the Bilalabad village on Monday.

Marjana was choked to death and her body showed signs of torture, he added.

Halimi stated that the motive behind the murder remains unknown.

He mentioned that two persons close to Marjana’s family have been detained by Taliban police and an investigation is underway.

Since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan, violence against women has witnessed a significant surge. The absence of institutions to address women’s rights leaves them without a proper recourse for justice, exacerbating their vulnerability in society.