World Bank: Expert discussions underway to improve payment system in Afghanistan

The World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan, Melinda Good, said that more than 100 experts are discussing ways to strengthen the payments system in Afghanistan at a two-day workshop in Dubai.

“Over 100 experts from domestic and international banks, digital providers, international partners, and civil society are discussing ways to strengthen Afghanistan’s payments system to help revive the private sector and create jobs,” Good said.

Good said that strengthening the payments system is “vital” to revive the economy and improve the lives of the citizens of Afghanistan.

“A reliable and transparent system will help build confidence in payments and ensure that aid for the Afghan people goes to the Afghan people and helps the private sector, which employs many Afghans,” she added.

After the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, the country’s banking system was disrupted and many banks were on the verge of bankruptcy. In response, the Taliban limited the withdrawal of money from the banks in order to fight the economic crisis, causing significant obstacles for the citizens of the country.