Photo: Sent to KabulNow

Unknown gunmen kill young man in northern Kabul

Local sources have reported that a young man named Nasratullah Majidi was killed by unknown gunmen in the Khairkhana neighborhood of Kabul on Tuesday.

Majidi, who was originally from Panjshir province, had been working as a guard in Kabul for several years. He was due to receive his guarding license in the coming days. However, he was shot and killed by armed assailants riding in a car while collecting his wages.

The victim’s relatives are don’t know as to who could have targeted him and why, as they say he had no personal feuds with anyone.

Taliban security forces in Kabul have not yet commented on the incident.

In recent months, Kabul and other provinces have seen a surge in mysterious killings. In Sar-e-Pol province alone, two people have been killed in the past two days. These incidents raise concerns, given the Taliban’s claims of ensuring security throughout the country.