Photo: Tehran Times

Iranian lawmakers to visit Afghanistan to press the Taliban over water rights

A delegation of Iranian lawmakers is to visit Afghanistan to press the Taliban over Iran’s water rights from the Helmand River.

According to Iran Front Page, parliamentarians representing the city of Zabol, which borders Afghanistan, as well as others from the Sistan and Baluchestan province will visit Afghanistan.

No further details or when the trip is to take place have been provided.

Iran and the Taliban have clashed over the not enough water reaching Iran from the Helmand River in recent months.

Iranian officials, including president Ebrahim Raisi, have often complained about the Taliban not allowing water from the river reaching Iran. The Taliban has said water inequity is due to lack of rain in region.

The Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan, Hassan Kezemi Qomi, has said that the Taliban has agreed to allow Iranian experts inspect the level water in the Kajaki Dam and Helmand River.

Iran’s water rights over the Helmand River have long been a point of dispute between Iran and Afghanistan. In a treaty signed in 1973, Afghanistan committed to the flow of twenty-two cubic meters of water per second into Iran.