In Takhar’s remote Warsaj, patients often die on the way to reach distant hospitals

Since the Taliban retook power, the healthcare system in the country is crumbling as major funding has been withdrawn. Under a repressive Taliban rule, international donors are less motivated to urgently support the country’s health system to sustain the delivery of essential services. And people in remote areas like Warsaj are particularly at risk.

Locals residents of the Warsaj district in the northeastern Takhar province have to travel long distances to reach distant central hospitals and patients often die on the way unable to access health care on time.

“We don’t have access to proper healthcare in our impoverished areas. Therefore, we have to travel long hours to seek medical treatment for our patients in the two main hospitals located in the capital Taloqan city,” a local resident told KabulNow.

“These hospitals are at least 91km far and our patients often die on their way unable to reach doctors in a timely manner.”

Abdul Khaliq, a resident of the Mian Shahr village in the district, told KabulNow that the health center in the Warsaj does not have enough medicines or medical workers, let alone doctors to treat emergency patients.

“We ask the Taliban authorities to build a standard hospital in our area that can provide necessary medical treatment to our patients.” Khaliq urged.

Abdul Ali Ahmadi, head of the local clinic in Warsaj, also confirmed that the clinic lacks proper medicine and specialized doctors to provide treatment for patients such as Appendicitis or women with pregnancy.

The poor road conditions and lack of public transport have compounded the challenges for residents.

“Either there are no roads or the roads are ruined, making it difficult to drive on these roads to be able to reach hospitals easily and quickly,” said Mohammad Ayaz, a resident of Warsaj.

“The previous government had promised to pave the Warsaj-Taloqan road, but it did not materialize. The Taliban have not shown any sign to build this road either.” He added.

However, Abdul Ghafoor Ghafari, Taliban’s district governor for Warsaj, said that they are aware of the problems of the residents and have asked the Taliban’s provincial authorities to address them.

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