Domestic abuse victim takes her own life with opium overdose in Daikundi

A woman committed suicide by swallowing raw opium in the Kajran district of the central Daikundi province on Monday, local officials said.

Mustafa Saleh, Taliban’s head of information and culture in the province, said that the woman identified as Ullas Bibi ended her life by through opium overdose in the Manara village of Kajran.

Bibi had attempted suicide by digesting the same substance once before but survived after being taken to a hospital.

The woman was married and suffered from alleged “domestic abuse and pressure”, Saleh added.

The Taliban’s string of repressive bans and gendered exclusion have significantly worsened the situation for women and girls in Afghanistan. According to Human Rights Council, women are committing suicide at a rate of one or two every day amid extreme depression, domestic violence, poverty, and unemployment, among others.

Findings of an investigative report by KabulNow show that at least 103 women committed suicide across 28 provinces in the country.