Photo: Aleksandra Mostovaja via Twitter

Aleksandra Mostovaja marks Eid with plea for Mortaza Behboudi’s freedom

Aleksandra Mostovaja, the wife of an Afghanistan born French journalist, Mortaza Behboudi, has marked Eid al-Adha, with a plea for his freedom from Taliban captivity.

In a Persian tweet on Wednesday, Mostovaja said: “It is Eid today. But just like the previous Eid, my husband, Mortaza Behboudi, is in Taliban prison. It is almost six months since his arrest. His only crime is journalism. I miss him with my entire being and my only wish is to see Mortaza in our shared home. #freemortaza”

Mortaza Behboudi was detained by Taliban intelligence agents on 7 January a few days after his arrival to Kabul for a reporting assignment.

On 7 June, Mostovaja marked the fifth month of Behboudi’s captivity with an emotional plea for his freedom. “Five months have passed of my husband, Mortaza Behboudi. I have been living without his love, as there is no love without my husband’s freedom. And there will no freedom unless we fight for it.” She said.

Despite international calls, the Taliban has refused to release him.