Faziabad district, Jowzjan province.

Traffic accident kills one and injures two others in Jowzjan province

A traffic accident on the Balkh-Jowzjan highway has resulted in the loss of one life and left two individuals injured, local Taliban officials confirmed. The incident occurred on Thursday, involving a collision between two trucks.

The Taliban security command in Faizabad, Jowzjan, Kefayatullah Sedaqat, said that a middle-aged man lost his life in the accident, while two other men sustained injuries.

The primary causes attributed to this accident are excessive speeding and disregard for driving principles, particularly during nighttime.

The Taliban security officials said that the deceased individual’s body has been returned to his family, and the injured victims were transported to Jowzjan provincial hospital for necessary medical treatment.

The occurrence of traffic accidents has seen an increase in recent months across various provinces of the country. Hundreds of lives are claimed each year, and numerous individuals are left disabled or injured due to traffic accidents, adding to the toll of war and natural disasters in the country.

In addition to poor road infrastructure, drivers’ negligence and non-compliance with driving regulations are also contributing factors to traffic accidents in Afghanistan.