Taliban removes modern subjects from the educational curriculum in Faryab province

Contemporary subjects have been removed from the curriculum of a higher education institute, Abu Muslim Khorasani Dar al-Ulom, in northern Faryab province amid the Taliban’s push for rooting out all forms of modern education that thrived under the previous government, sources from the institute said

One source told KabulNow on Friday that subjects like Dari, Pashto, English, computer, mathematics, science, and social studies, considered main subjects under the previous education system, are stripped from the institute’s curriculum last week, leaving only religious subjects intact.

The institute was active during the previous government with hundreds of graduate students. 

The institute’s current students have expressed disappointment and confusion regarding the Taliban’s decision, fearing that the removal of modern subjects from the curriculum will limit their prospects and job opportunities. 

The decision may also hinder these students from pursuing their desired fields of study as they cannot effectively participate in Kankor, a national university entrance exam.

Local Taliban officials are yet to comment on this.

The decision to erase modern subjects from the institute comes amid the recent announcement from the Taliban’s head of education in Faryab province who ordered school administrators to prioritize religious science subjects and recruit more religious teachers.