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Fire at a fuel station claims one, leaves two injured in Takhar province

A fire incident on Friday afternoon at a fuel station in Yangi Qala district of Takhar province has left an 11-year-old child dead and two injured, with properties worth nearly 24 thousand dollars destroyed, Taliban officials said.

According to Mobeen Safi, Taliban’s media head in the province, the fire, which started at 5:40 pm, was caused by a static electricity spark from a generator at the fuel station.

The fatality was a child belonging to the fuel station’s owner, named Faiz, and the two injured were local residents who were seen trying to put out the fire.

A resident told KabulNow that because no firefighter unit was dispatched, the fire caused loss of life and huge property damage, including a car that was completely burnt in the incident.

He further added that the Taliban authorities should activate firefighting services in the district to provide emergency response in such incidents in the future.