Photo: Aleksandara Mostovaja via Twitter

Wife of journalist Mortaza Behboudi ‘very concerned’ about his health in Taliban captivity

Aleksandara Mostovaja, the wife of French-Afghan journalist, Mortaza Behboudi, who has been in Taliban captivity since January 7, has said she “very concerned” about her husband’s wellbeing.

In tweet in Persian on Friday, she said:

“Today could be a happy Eid day, but unfortunately my husband, Morteza Behboudi, is still in Taliban captivity. Tomorrow is his 29th birthday, which he will be spending alone and far from his loved ones. I am very concerned about his situation and health, and counting the moments with with every part of my being t see him again.”

And in a follow up tweet, she said: “I only wish to see him and celebrate these days together with Mortaza! #freemortaza #EidMubarak

On Monday, marking the 100th day of his captivity, Aleksandara Mostovaja said she had received a letter from her husband, in which he had said he missed her.

“I only have the same one wish; to have my husband back,” she said.

Mortaza Behboudi was detained Taliban intelligence agents on January 7 in Kabul after arriving in the country for a journalistic assignment. The group has accused him of spying. And despite calls by human rights organisations and the UN, the Taliban has refused to release him.