Taliban in Panjshir plans to dismiss female teachers above 6th grade

The Taliban officials in the northeastern province of Panjshir plans to terminate the positions of female teachers above 6th grades, school teachers in the province told KabulNow on Thursday.

According to the sources, the Taliban’s Directorate of Education in Panjshir has been working to make new structures for schools and has instructed all district officials to compile a list of additional teachers.  The instruction reportedly refers to the termination of female teachers above sixth grade.

Two sources in the Taliban’s education department in Panjshir confirm the decision has been made, but the group’s officials deny any plan to terminate female teachers.

The move has raised concerns among female teachers who are the primary breadwinners for their families. Many of them fear losing their livelihoods if they are let go. 

“I studied for 16 years and gained valuable scientific experience while teaching. Our goal was to serve our society through our profession, but the Taliban are leaving us among the unemployed professionals in the country,” expressed one of the teachers in an interview with KabulNow.

Ahmad Jawed (not her real name), husband of a female teacher, says that all the expenses of his family depend on his wife’s income and if she loses her job, their lives will be significantly worse.

This development comes as the international community is pushing for the reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan, however, unsuccessful so far.