Lindsey Graham: Biden paved the way for another 9/11 with Afghanistan withdrawal

The US Senator Lindsay Graham has accused Biden’s White House of a “political whitewash” by blaming the Trump administration in the review of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and downplaying the risk of terrorism. “My view of what happened in Afghanistan with Biden is he paved the way for another 9/11,” he stressed.

Moreover, the Republican senator accused Biden of “lying” about the elimination of terrorism threats in Afghanistan and warned that a “lethal cocktail” was now forming in the region combined with dangers of a domestically open border policies that could lead to another 9/11 unless the leaders reverse course.

“When the Biden administration tells you there are no terrorists in Afghanistan, they are lying,” he told Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream.

“The [Biden administration’s] report says that our mission had been accomplished and that’s why Biden got out of Afghanistan. He’s claiming that we eradicated all terrorist threats in Afghanistan; that’s why he withdrew to end the longest war.”

During the interview, Graham referred to warnings made by the commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in the Middle East, General Michael Kurilla, in a Senate hearing session in March in which he said that the ISKP could potentially launch attacks against American and Western interests within six months.

Graham made these remarks after the White House released a 12-page review of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021. The review largely blamed Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump’s administration, who signed US-Taliban peace deal in Doha, for constraining Biden’s ability in planning the withdrawal with a shortly-agreed withdrawal.

During the withdrawal process in August 2021, a suicide attack outside the Kabul international airport killed 13 US service members along with approximately 170 Afghans.